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Trekking pants

1st layer | Inner pants


Base pants, also called leggings, are worn against the skin, are snug and comfortable. They are made of wool or synthetic materials and designed to fit the comfort of other layers. They should not be cotton.

2nd layer | Warm pants

These pants must be weather resistant, air permeable, elastic, and durable. Combined with a base layer to increase the heat or a hard layer when it rains, it is perfect for mountaineering. A good option is the Soft-Shell Wind stopper pants, highly versatile due to their fabric’s elasticity or the polar type. Reinforced in areas prone to wear. Prima Lof pants are also an option for Aconcagua.

3rd layer | Rainproof pants

They are Gore-tex pants that are designed to protect from rain, snow, and wind. They are used as the outer Layer. 
They must offer full-length or side zippers in changing conditions without removing any footwear. Regardless of intended use, stiff pants should not be insulated to allow for a modular layer.
Estimated rental price: USD 60

Extra layer (optional) | Prima loft

Waterproof, lightweight, and windproof pants make them an excellent option if you want to reinforce the third layer optionally.