Recommended equipment for


1st layer | Fine gloves

he synthetic fine gloves offer a comfortable fit. Lighter colors are preferred since they absorb less sunlight and still provide UV protection. 

Two pairs are recommended.


Gel hand warmers (optional)

Pack of 5 GelHeat Instant Hand Warmers - Reusable Gel Click Heat Pads  (Blue): Sports & Outdoors6-8 gel hand warmers are recommended to keep the fingers warm if extra heat is needed. 

Not only for comfort but also in case of any frozen issue. 

2nd layer | Warm gloves

A pair of polar type or similar warm gloves. The cold in the hands is vital to consider; they must be protected with the highest possible quality.

The cold in the hands is vital to consider; they must be protected with the highest possible quality.

Estimated rental price: USD 16

3rd layer | 2 pairs

Two pairs of gloves are required as a 3rd layer.

Waterproof thermal gloves

One pair of insulated warm shell gloves with removable liners. Expedition gloves are extra-warm gloves that allow dexterity in icy conditions and higher altitudes. They should have an insulated, waterproof, and breathable shell and have insulated removable liners.

You should look for gloves with a cinch strap at the wrist, a cinch cord at the gauntlet and wrist keeper leashes to prevent dropping gloves in windy conditions, and curved fingers. They allow maneuverability in the camps, although they are not as warm as mittens.

Estimated rental price: USD 46


For the summit day, expedition mitts with an isolated removable lining are required for maximum protection against low temperatures. We recommend buying the warmest model available. Expedition mittens are used to keep hands warm in the most extreme conditions.

They must be made for use on 8000 m peaks. Here the 3 layers of gloves will be worn without restricting the blood flow to the fingers. Models with synthetic or down insulation work well.

Mitt cover: in old models of mittens used to waterproof the gloves. In Gore-Tex models, the mitt cover is unnecessary because they are already waterproof.

Estimated rental price: USD 33